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{003} Sugar Rush; by Cash Cash

//voice| powerpop

One of my favorite upbeat songs. ^^

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Nyan Cat, performed by an orchestra.

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{002} Reverie; Persona 4 OST

//voice| ponder

She walked.

It was snowing, she held out her hand, catching the snowflakes. I watched them melt, wanting so badly, to be held in those hands. 

But I couldn’t. It wasn’t because my hands were numb, or because my palms were sweaty. 

Her hands…they belonged to someone else. 

She told me about him, how he smiled when he called her name, how his hair curled around his face. She told me all of the details that most other boys would find unnecessary, but I still listened. I didn’t want her to go away.

[earlier that evening]

It was Christmas night. I was sitting at home alone, lolling around the living room. My little sister was at her friend’s house; my parents were at a Christmas party for their workplace. I didn’t go; I wasn’t fond of pushy and loud salesmen at holiday parties. Besides, there was that hope.

That one hope…

No, it wouldn’t ring. She was probably out with him, with a smile as always.

I got up to the kitchen to make some apple cider. My sister would have loved this. Oh well, I’ll save some for her when she comes home.

I poured, and stumbled when I heard a ring.

I found a text. It was her; she wanted to talk. Proper punctuation, capitalized letters. Her texts only looked like this when there was trouble.

To be continued ~ 

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Reblog if there’s no snow for Christmas where you are.

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